Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Here at Maine Family FCU we’ve got your back in case you ever overspend. Our Overdraft Loan protection line of credit offers flexibility and convenience by automatically adding funds into your share draft account to cover expenses greater than your balance.  The Overdraft Line of Credit is always the second option for overdraft protection. Your share account will be your first, Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is second and Courtesy Pay is the third and final option, pending your qualification.


Line of Credit Increments: $500 with a max of $2500


  • Rate: 14.00% Fixed APR
  • Payment: 3% of balance or $35 whichever is greater
  • Increments: $50.00
  • Maximum Advance: Not to exceed line of credit.
  • Transfer Fee: $10.00
  • Late Fee: 5% of the payment if the loan payment is 15 days past the due date
  • Payment Due date: 30th of each month


Note: Approval will be based solely on the primary owner of the share draft account.  Line of credit amount will not be included in maximum unsecured aggregate amount.