Youth Accounts

Monty Moose Club

Effective September 1, 2021, Maine Family FCU will be implementing a new Monty Moose (Ages 0-12) program that will also include our Teen Members (Ages 13-18).

The Credit Union is changing the program so that  Monty Moose members and Teen members will be rewarded for their educational achievements. Qualifying members will now be able to bring in their Report Card from school (or other qualifying education) and receive $2 for an “A” and $1 for a “B” each quarter during the academic year. For those with alternative grading systems, qualifying members will receive $2 for a “4” and $1 for a “3”. If the grading system, type of schooling, or situational circumstance is different than those listed above, the Credit Union will review each on a case by case basis. Maximum amount awarded for each quarter will be $10 per student.

As a result of the change, beginning September 1st, the Credit Union will no longer be issuing Monty Moose dollars to spend in our Monty Moose store. Monty Moose Members who currently have Monty Moose dollars have until October 31, 2021 to bring in their “earned” Moose Bucks to be redeemed for $0.10 for every 1 Monty Moose Dollar (not to exceed a maximum of $25.00) that will be deposited into their Monty Moose or Teen account.


  • Eligible for Credit Union membership/ Credit Union Member
  • For ages 18 and under.
  • Minimum $25 balance.



  • For added fun, special events and activities for youth savers are planned throughout the year, such as newsletters, Santa and Easter Bunny visits, drawings, coloring contests, Youth Week and donating to community causes.
  • Earns dividends.
  • Early start to establishing good savings habits.


Program is subject to Credit Union discretion and is subject to change.

*Must be a qualifying member prior to the end of the quarter to be eligible. Members are NOT eligible for ANY previous quarters prior to becoming a member.


Account TypeDividend RateAPY*Min. Opening Deposit**
Monty Moose Accounts0.05%0.05%$25

Effective 5/9/2012
*Annual Percentage Yield
**Minimum Opening balance / Minimum required balance to earn APY
Rates subject to change after account opening at any time without notice.