An aerial photo of the Lewiston-Auburn community

Community Involvement

Maine Family in the Community 

Maine Family FCU is in the heart of Androscoggin County, Maine, where community isn’t just a word—it’s a commitment we live by every day. Giving back isn’t just a duty; it’s a passion that drives us to make a real difference in the lives of those around us.

When it comes to battling hunger, we’re on the front lines, participating in annual fundraisers to support Ending Hunger. In 2023 alone, our efforts poured vital funds into organizations like Trinity Jubilee Center, St. Martin De Porres, Seniors Plus, and New Beginnings. These aren’t just names on a list—they’re pillars of our community, and we’re honored to stand by their side.

Donate to Maine Credit Union’s Campaign for Ending Hunger HERE

But our impact stretches far beyond the realm of education and hunger relief. We’re proud sponsors of The Store Next Door, an initiative dedicated to supporting homeless youth in Lewiston and Auburn, especially during the holidays. And when it comes to healthcare, our Annual Holiday 50/50 isn’t just about spreading cheer—it’s about saving lives. Over three years, we’ve raised over $10,000 for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, bringing hope and healing to countless young patients.

At Maine Family, community isn’t just where we work—it’s where we live, breathe, and thrive. Join us in our mission to make a meaningful impact, one act of kindness at a time. Because when we come together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Charitable Giving Guidelines

Maine Family Federal Credit Union is committed to making a positive impact on our community by addressing key issues related to quality of life, financial education, and community enrichment. Our charitable giving program seeks to support organizations and initiatives that align with our focus areas and contribute to the well-being of individuals and families in Androscoggin County.


Quality of Life

  • Organizations addressing immediate food needs, such as food pantries, community kitchens, and meal programs.
  • Initiatives promoting long-term solutions to food insecurity, such as community gardens, education on sustainable agriculture, and nutritional programs.
  • Organizations working to provide safe and affordable housing options for low-income individuals and families.
  • Initiatives promoting home ownership, housing stability, and community development.

Financial Education

  • Organizations providing financial education and literacy programs for all age groups.
  • Initiatives supporting economic empowerment, job training, and entrepreneurship in the community.

Community Enrichment

  • Projects that enhance the overall well-being and vibrancy of the community, including art, cultural and recreational activities.
  • Events or programs that foster community engagement, social cohesion, and a sense of belonging.

Maine Family FCU does not make contributions to:

  • Organizations or causes that do not impact MFFCU’s service area/field of membership
  • Organizations that do not qualify as a non-profit/tax-exempt organization under 501c(3)
  • Individuals seeking funds for personal endeavors
  • Political or partisan endorsements

Review and Selection Process

Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis. As we review each request, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Will these funds help to build a stronger community?
  • How many people are impacted by this funding request?
  • Who in our community benefits from this request?

The amount of funding is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the availability of funds. While we would love to fulfill every request, we are only able to support a portion of them. Selected organizations will be notified of their approval. To provide support to as many organizations as possible, only one request per organization will be considered during a calendar year.

By adhering to these guidelines, Maine Family FCU aims to create a lasting and positive impact on the well-being of the community we serve.

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