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I don’t know about you, but I have a dream someday of owning a business. Now, I’m not looking to make millions or be the next Mark Zuckerberg but I think it would be fun to own a business. Truth be told, I’d love to open a coffee shop someday, but that is probably many years down the road. I feel like many of us have a dream of opening a business of some kind at some point in time in our lives. Being able to make your own hours (kind of…sometimes you work insane hours), being your own boss and doing what you love is something I look forward to someday. No, I don’t hate my job right now. I actually love my job, but I think it would be fun to open a business someday where I am slinging coffee and lattes to countless people! Anyway, if you are looking to open a business and work for yourself, but don’t know what you’d like to do, here’s a list of some start ups that are thriving around the country!

Lady Gaga Impersonator

This is clearly not the route I’d like to take, but believe it or not, people make lots of money impersonating famous people…and Lady Gaga is in big demand right now! If you’ve got sweet dance moves and like to dress in meat suits and other crazy outfits, you could try marketing yourself to parties, conventions and other random events. Seriously…read this woman’s story. She makes good money!

Wedding Cupcake Chef

Are you a baker? I love cooking food, and think I’d probably gain 100 pounds if I did this, but many people who are getting married are turning away from the traditional wedding cakes and moving to cupcakes! If you’ve got a knack for baking and can come up with awesome flavors and sweet designs, this could be the business for you! If you watch the Food Network at all, you know that cupcakes have become quite a fad in our country and people are opening cupcake stores all over. Try it out!

iPhone Repair

Got a broken iPhone and don’t know how to fix it? Maybe you should learn how to fix it and then open a business fixing them! Seriously…tons of people have iPhones now (literally millions) and often times the break from being dropped, dunked in water or various other catastrophes. If you have a knack for fixing electronics, learn the ins and outs of the iPhone and charge to fix them. You could just become the most popular guy (or gal) in town.

Now, before you totally write off this blog, because I know some of these are far fetched, I would say don’t give up on your dream. If you really think you have a good idea for a business, do the research and try it out! You don’t have to go all out at first. Test the market and see if there is a want/need for what you are offering. Take Better Than Average Jams and Jellies for example! They started small and made their own jams and jellies without a store. Just recently they opened up a shop in Mechanic Falls! They tested the waters, and realized that they were going to take a shot and offering food, and some great preserves as well (the Moxie jam is killer). Have a dream? Want to open a business? Do research for sure, but don’t say “I can’t.” Because you never know…you just may be able to!

What would you do if you could have any job?

Seth P.

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  • I toss around this fantasy in my head all the time. I’d love to one day own a cafe called Yeah, Toast! I’d sell toast variations, and people would come and hang out and eat perhaps the best comfort food there is… toast. I think I’m onto something…