Scam Alert

Today’s blog is dedicated to a recent scam that we received word of, and many of our members were targeted by as well. Several credit union members in the area … Continue Reading →

Teen Scams

Scammers are everywhere these days and unfortunately nobody is free from their trickery. I’ve written in the past about scams on Craigslist and other tricks people pull in order to … Continue Reading →

Fraud Alerts

I’m sure a lot of us have experienced some kind of fake email in our inbox at one point in time or another. While I haven’t received one in quite … Continue Reading →

Compromised Cards

  • By spoplaski
  • 14 August, 2012
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I received a post on our Facebook page yesterday that read this way. “Hmmm… So both my husband and I receive letters a few weeks apart from our Credit Union … Continue Reading →

Victim of ID Theft – at age 7

  • By admin
  • 28 July, 2011
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Teens warned about online ID theft
By Rachel Tuinstra Continue Reading →