Your Credit Score. And More.

Staying on top of your credit has never been easier!

Credit Score powered by SavvyMoney is available to all Maine Family FCU members through Home Banking and Mobile Banking. Credit Score is a FREE service that helps you understand your credit score by giving you access to your full credit report. Credit Score also provides added credit protection with real-time credit monitoring alerts. Credit Score also offers financial tips and education to help you understand the factors that make up your credit score and ways to improve it.


  • Daily access to your credit score
  • Real-time credit monitoring alerts
  • Credit score simulator
  • Personalized credit report
  • Special credit offers
  • And more!

The benefits are endless. Enroll today!


Credit Score also monitors your credit reports daily. It informs you by email if any significant changes are detected, such as a new inquiry, a new account opened, a change in address or employment, or delinquency has been reported. Credit Monitoring helps you detect potential identity theft. 


The credit score simulator is an interactive tool that allows you to select various actions you may take and see how your score could be affected. Different actions like paying off a credit card balance might improve your score, whereas adding to a credit card balance might decrease your score.