Debit Cards

Use the card instead of a check.

Where checks aren’t accepted—such as restaurants and gas stations—or when you don’t want to carry your checkbook, use your CU24 Visa® Check Card instead! Wherever you see the Visa debit, NYCE®, PLUS® or ACCEL/Exchange® network symbols, simply present your card, and the amount of your purchase will be deducted automatically from your credit union share draft account.

Maine Family has instant issue at our Lewiston and Auburn location, so you will receive your card the day you open your account.


Add your Maine Family FCU Debit Card to your phone’s mobile wallet for fast and convenient access!




Change is Good

Want to round up the change from debit purchases? Change is Good rounds up those purchases to the next dollar amount and the difference is transferred into the savings account you specified when enrolling.


Members can now Freeze and Unfreeze their Cards if they are lost or stolen through Homebanking or Mobile!

If you’ve ever misplaced your card and/or panicked knowing it wasn’t where you thought it was—then we can help. Now, when you misplace your Maine Family FCU Debit Card, you can temporarily freeze the card on Homebanking or the Mobile app until you find it! Once you recover the card, you can unfreeze it and continue using it as you did before.

If your card is Frozen, NO PURCHASES can be made using that Debit Card until that card is unfrozen. Freezing your card isn’t a notification that your card is lost or stolen, or that there have been unauthorized transactions on your account.

Call Card Services at (207) 783-2071 for more information.

To report your Visa®Card lost or stolen, contact the Card Services Department at (207) 783-2071, or 1-800-991-4961 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International Block:
For security purposes, Maine Family has placed an international block, including Canada on all debit cards. If you are planning to travel outside of the United States, please contact card services so that we can temporarily modify your card so it may be used for the time you are away. This block also applies to online purchases for merchants outside the United States. Contact Maine Family with any questions you may have.


Electronic Funds Transfer And Cardholders Agreement