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Individual Retirement Accounts


  • Must be a Credit Union member.  You are eligible to become a member of Maine Family Credit Union if you reside, work, worship, attend school, or have immediate family members who reside within our field of membership of Androscoggin County. Membership is attained simply by opening a share account with a minimum deposit of $25.00.


  • You may be able to defer taxable income, which reduces your income tax liability. 
  • $50.00 fee for IRA accounts closed within 12 months of opening date. 
  • No annual maintenance fees. 
  • Payroll deduction is a convenient way to make deposits. 
  • Earns a higher rate of interest than regular shares. Dividends might also be tax deferrable. 
  • May be tax deductible for most members. 


  • You have a choice of variable or fixed rate investment 
  • Dividends are accrued daily and compounded monthly, paid on the last day of the month after closing. 
  • Contributions may not exceed the annual contribution limit or your annual income, whichever is less.
  • In addition to the maximum annual contribution, your working or non-working spouse may be able to contribute up to the annual contribution limit.
  • Contributions for the previous tax year are accepted until the tax return due date. 
  • Withdrawals from a Traditional IRA are reported as taxable income. 
  • IRAs may not be used as collateral for a loan. 
  • Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be penalized 10% by the IRS. 
  • Funds may be deposited by direct transfer from another financial institution. 
  • You may rollover IRA funds from another financial institution within 60 days of receipt.
  • Withdrawals from a Traditional IRA must begin by age 70 1/2, but may begin as early as 59 1/2 without IRS penalties.  
  • Contributions may be withdrawn from a Roth IRA at any time; earnings may be subject to tax and penalty if withdrawn before 59 1/2. 
  • Additional catch up contributions of $1,000.00 for members age 50 and up.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Effective 01/17/2019

 Account Type 
 Dividend Rate 
 APY*  Min. Opening Deposit** 
 IRA 1 Year Certificate 
2.10% 2.12% $1,000
 IRA 2 Year Certificate 
2.50% 2.53% $1,000
 IRA 3 Year Certificate 
2.90% 2.94% $1,000
IRA 4 Year Certificate 
3.00% 3.04% $1,000
IRA 5 Year Certificate 
3.25% 3.30% $1,000
IRA Variable 
1.10% 1.11% $25
IRA Variable 
1.20% 1.21% $10,000+
IRA Variable 
1.30% 1.31% $25,000+
IRA Variable 
1.40% 1.41% $50,000+

*Annual Percentage Yield

**Minimum Opening balance / Minimum required balance to earn APY

  • Variable rates subject to change after account opening at any time without notice.
  • Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be penalized 10% by the IRS. 
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