Recreational Vehicle Loans

Grown up toys are fun but can get expensive. We’re happy to help you find a payment that’s right for you.


Whether you need to get pre-approved before you shop or looking to save some money and refinance your current vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Maine Family Federal Credit Union offers a personalized lending program with great rates and flexible terms. So visit either our Lewiston or Auburn Location or apply online– and finance your next vehicle with a Maine Family FCU auto loan.

We have great rates on new and used vehicles and offer a wide range of financing options including terms up to 84 months.

Recreational Vehicle Rates

Non-Titled Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Utility Trailers 

Effective 10/03/2022

YearMaximum TermAnnual Percentage Rate†Payment Per $1,000
2020 & Newer72 MonthsAs Low as 5.00%$16.10
2018-201960 MonthsAs Low as 4.50%$18.64
2016-201748 MonthsAs Low as 4.25%$22.69
2014-201536 MonthsAs Low as 4.00%$29.52
2011-201324 MonthsAs Low as 4.00%$43.42
2009-2010*24 MonthsAs Low as 7.00%$44.77

Term extensions may be considered with a .50% loan rate increase for every 6 months added to the original term rate not to exceed 3.00%

Motor Homes, Campers and Boats

Effective 10/03/2022

YearMaximum TermAnnual Percentage Rate†Payment Per $1,000
2021 & Newer*180 MonthsAs Low as 6.50%$8.71
2021 & Newer**144 MonthsAs Low as 6.00%$9.76
2019 & Newer***120 MonthsAs Low as 5.75%$10.98
2017-201884 MonthsAs Low as 5.25%$14.25
2015-201672 MonthsAs Low as 5.00%$16.10
2013-201460 MonthsAs Low as 4.50%$18.64
2011-201248 MonthsAs Low as 4.25%$22.69
2011-201036 MonthsAs Low as 4.00%$29.52
2009-2010Up to 36 MonthsAs Low as 7.00%$30.88

*Minimum Loan Amount $35,000 Tier I & II Only
**Minimum Loan Amount $30,000 Tier I & II Only)
***Minimum Loan Amount $25,000 Tier I & II Only)
The maximum loan amount for boats is $50,000.  Maximum term is 120 months.
The maximum loan amount for Motor Homes and campers is $75,000.  Maximum term is 180 months.

Tractors (Personal use only)

Effective 10/03/2022

Loan AmountMaximum TermAnnual Percentage Rate†Payment Per $1,000
$20,000 to $49,99972 Months5.00%$16.10
$10,000 to $19,99960 Months4.50%$18.64
$6,000 to $9,99948 Months4.25%$22.69
$3,000 to $5,99936 Months4.00%$29.52
$500 to $2,99924 Months4.00%$43.42