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Effective 7/31/23

Maximum TermRates As Low As†Payment Per $1,000
7 Years*6.75% APR*$14.97
6 Years**6.50% APR*$16.81
5 Years6.00% APR*$19.33
4 Years5.75% APR*$23.37
3 Years5.50% APR*$30.20
2 Years5.50% APR*$44.10

*Minimum Loan Amt. $25,000 (Tier I,II & III only)
**Term extension available only if Average or Low miles. Minimum loan amount $25,000. (Tier I,II,III only) Commercial Vehicles do not qualify for term extensions beyond 72 months. Term extension beyond 72 months for model year 2020 not available.

†Annual Percentage Rate based on a credit score of 680 or higher.

Disclosures: Add 1.00% for high mileage. Rate may vary depending on individual’s credit history and subject to underwriting factors and to credit approval. New/Used model rates apply to 2008-current model years. Rates may vary depending on age of vehicle. Term extensions may be considered with a .50% loan rate increase for every 6 months added to the original term rate.



Preferred Dealerships

Maine Family FCU is now part of a network of lenders providing you with the convenience of financing your new vehicle through Maine Family FCU right at your local dealership! Plus, if you get pre-approved through us first, you’ll save time and be able to finance on weekends and holidays when we are closed! The network includes many dealers in the L/A area and beyond.

Save yourself time:

If you are buying at any of these dealers, you will save yourself time by getting yourself pre-approved here at Maine Family FCU first, and then let them know you’d like to finance through Maine Family FCU when you’re finalizing your purchase agreement.

Authorized Dealership List:


Check in with our lending department. Our members receive a free CARFAX when purchasing a vehicle.