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Auto & Titled Motorcycle Rates

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Effective 5/30/23

Model YearMaximum TermAnnual Percentage Rate†Payment Per $1,000
2022-2023*84 MonthsAs Low as 6.50%$14.85
2021-2023**72 MonthsAs Low as 6.25%$16.69
2020-202372 MonthsAs Low as 6.25%$16.69
2017-201960 MonthsAs Low as 5.75%$19.22
2014-201648 MonthsAs Low as 5.50%$23.26
2011-201336 MonthsAs Low as 5.25%$30.08
2008-2010***24 MonthsAs Low as 8.25%$45.34

*Minimum Loan Amt. $25,000 (Tier I,II & III only)
**Term extension available only if Average or Low miles. Minimum loan amount $25,000. (Tier I,II,III only) Commercial Vehicles do not qualify for term extensions beyond 72 months.

***Term extension beyond 72 months for model year 2020 not available.
***Add 1.00% for high mileage.
†Annual Percentage Rate based on a credit score of 680 or higher.

Term extensions may be considered with a .50% loan rate increase for every 6 months added to the original term rate. Term extension beyond 72 months for model year 2019 is not available.





Includes refinances from other institutions and new auto and titled motorcycle loans; excludes internal refinances. Qualifying loan amount required for Visa® gift card, not the total value of the vehicle. *Optional extended 90-day deferment; Interest accrual begins immediately. Amount that you receive will be in the form of a Visa® Gift Card, no exceptions. Visa® Gift Card to be mailed to member upon loan completion. Terms and conditions apply. Membership required, must also still qualify for loan. Promotion subject to end at any time.