Good things come in pairs! The Holidays came early!

Stressed out on time? We’ll buy you some more!

Extended Pre-Approval

If you apply now for a mortgage and receive a pre-approval – on or after September 12th – your pre-approval will be good up until December 31st, 2022. Normally, we only hold pre-approvals for 90 days but with the housing market becoming more and more of a challenge, we want to provide a little extra padding and support to our potential borrowers. Find comfort in knowing that you can gain additional time to ensure that everything is in place for closing, and for moving into your perfect home!


We’ll pay for your appraisal!

No Appraisal Cost

You now have one less item to buy from your holiday shopping list just in time for the Holidays! Once you decide on the house you want to buy, one of the costly components is the appraisal. You obviously want to make sure that what you’re paying for your house is the right price, but those closing costs can add up. For a limited time, through December 31st, we will pay for your full appraisal to save you a little extra cash!


All mortgage products:

This promotion applies to new mortgages, refinances, as well as Home Equity Loans so take advantage of these great savings!


Pre-approvals submitted after November 1st will still be approved on a 90 day basis from the application date. Applies towards Mortgage Products: refinances & Home Equity Loans as well. If you withdraw your application for any reason, and the appraisal has already been completed, you will be responsible for the cost of the appraisal and we will no longer cover it. Both promotions are subject to approval. Promotion is subject to end at any time without notice. Pre-approval and final approval are based on the Credit Union’s qualifying parameters. Other restrictions may apply. Member eligibility required.