You’re Never Too Young To Start Saving For Retirement

  • By James Moreau
  • 3 November, 2016
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You may be young and the notion of retirement seems like part of the distant future. However, it can’t hurt to begin saving for your “golden years” now. In fact, many financial experts actually recommend starting to save for retirement in your 20’s, when you are young and still earning income. An ideal way to plan for your financial future is with a credit union IRA.

Many IRA options provide qualified members with tax benefits such as tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred compound interest (consult your tax adviser for details). In addition, an IRA allows you to:
* Earn higher dividends compared to a traditional Savings Account
* Contribute as often as you like
* Choose the IRA to meet your goals (Traditional, Roth)
* Take possible penalty-free withdrawals for first-home or higher education purchases
* Do all of this without set-up and maintenance fees

Take steps now to guarantee a secure, comfortable retirement income down the road. Your credit union offers a variety of IRAs, either in a regular IRA Share Account or an IRA Share Certificate. To contribute to, or establish yours today, call, visit our website, or stop by any branch location.

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