Spring Clean Your Finances


Time to say good-bye to Old Man Winter and hello to longer days and warmer temperatures. Time to spring clean your finances as well!

1. Dust off your budget. It’s easy to fall into bad money management habits, like not paying attention to where your paycheck is disappearing. The only way to find out where your money is going is to track your spending – a tedious task, but an important one.
2. Scrub your spending. Are you really getting value for the $100 monthly payment to the cable company? Could a video streaming service or movie rentals provide just as much entertainment for a lot less? If you eat out frequently, what about planning for more meals at home by preparing and freezing dinners ahead of time? Call everything out. Pay particular attention to items that are paid automatically. You may have lost track of how much you are spending if you are not regularly reviewing the bills. But use the out-of-sight-out-of-mind phenomenon to your advantage by putting your savings on autopilot.
3. Wash out high-interest rates. If you have high-interest rate department store or credit card bills leftover from holiday shopping, ask us about a consolidation loan or a balance transfer. You’ll simplify your life and save money, too. Also ask us about refinancing a vehicle loan. We may be able to lower your payment.

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